Are you in search of the Best Multi Channel Ecommerce Platform? Read this!

Are you in search of the Best Multi Channel Ecommerce Platform? Read this!

Almost all merchants face a common hurdle while building their e-store. They put all hard work, money and as much resources as possible to build their ecommerce store but are failed to get it in front of people’s eyes. What to do in such case? Well, the easiest way to make your online venture recognized among audience is to take a start with the best multichannel ecommerce platform. Not only it will allow you to gain ever-lasting customers` flow but enhance sales too.

Sadly, not any ecommerce platform can bring you this feature. You need to evaluate the best multichannel ecommerce platform for your business. For this purpose, first you need to delve into multichannel retailing definition and its main aspects.

What is Multi-Channel Retailing?

Multi-channel retailing is an approach when retailers offer their consumers a number of choices for how and where to make purchases. In a simple way, you can say that multichannel retail has benefits for both customers as well as retailers. Retailers satisfy the needs of consumer and in return they get more visitors and revenue. There are many ways and options to improve sales of the retail store. The three most important channels to take into account are:

  • Marketplaces
  • Social media

●       Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs)

Multi-channel Ecommerce Software Comparison for your business

As we already mentioned that running your online store with feature-rich multichannel ecommerce platform is much effective way to capture audience’s attention and grab sales. The two best multichannel ecommerce platforms are:


With Shopify, business becomes easy and effortless. It is an absolute champion offering a wide range of multichannel selling capabilities. This company also offers seamless integration with giant online marketplace Amazon. You just need to include it as Sales Channel in your e-store, create Amazon listings, and here you can accept orders from Shopify admin panel directly. The good part is Shopify syncs all available inventories with all sales channels thus give you endless possibilities to progress in your e-business.


Magento is yet another feature-rich solutions provider. If you have big budget to invest on your business growth, Magento can be considered as one of the best multichannel ecommerce platform. Similar to Shopify, Magento has ability to integrate with Amazon and eBay. It offers M2E extension and you can also apply for Sellbrite. Both of these offer benefits in their own ways by providing boundless multichannel retailing options.

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