Types of Multi-Channel Retailing

Types of Multi-Channel Retailing

The internet has brought with it a lot of possibilities. You can sell your merchandise online across the world at the convenience of your home. Multi-channel retailing goes further to enable an entrepreneur to sell his products not just across the globe, but on different channels such as the website, social media platforms, and marketplaces.

Here are the types of multi-channel retailing that you can use to diversify your online business

  1. Social Media

Social media is steadily converting into a huge marketplace. First, we know that the leading social platforms like, Facebook, Twitter, and Interest have all introduced buying buttons. The Facebook shop allows the placing of buying buttons on Facebook pages. Pinterest is allowing companies to have their buttons. Twitter is not left behind as every product twitted comes with the Twitter buy button. Facebook which is the largest of them all is providing targeted ads at very reasonable pricing which has seen many on a small budget turn to the platform for advertising.

  1. Marketplaces

Marketplaces are quickly replacing the brick and mortar style of trading. Nowadays when we want to buy, we begin our search on the Marketplaces.

The leading marketplaces are;

  • Amazon

A discussion on marketplaces cannot be complete without mentioning Amazon. It is the leading marketplace that deals in electronics, books, food, toys, apparel, art pieces, among many other merchandises. They have also diversified to cloud infrastructure services (AWS), Analytical services (Alexa), multimedia products, and digital content.

  • eBay

eBay is the best auction and retail website. Millions sale and buy on the platform making it vibrant. eBay provides more than local marketplaces in more than 30 countries around the globe. They also own StubHub, the world’s largest online tickets, and also the eBay Classifieds Group.

  • Etsy

Etsy is another leading marketplace that begun way back in 2005. Etsy specializes in novelty, handmade, and vintage products.

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